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Accelerated Motion Cam and Lifter Kits

Precision made camshafts are fully computer analized before packaging and come with a lifetime guarantee. If you don't see the cam you need in the wide selection of Accelerated Motion cams it can probably be custom made for you. These features make Accelerated Motion Cam and Lifter Kits one of the best values available anywhere.

The Parts Selection Pages are easy to use. Engine parts pages include complete selection guides and internal engine parts lists to help you order the best parts for the performance that you want. You should have the basic knowledge of how an engine operates and what the parts are to get the most from these pages.

  1. North American engines are grouped by their engine family, that is, by an engine group that shares many basic parts.
  2. Just choose your engine family from the list below and go to it. Each engine family page has its own parts selection guide to tell you which parts work best together.
  3. Once you've determined the best performance level for your driving, continue on the same page to the parts lists. All of the related engine parts (Valve Train, Bottom End, Gaskets, etc.) are grouped together to make picking your parts easy.

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