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Computer Camshaft Analysis

Cam Doctor
Cam Pro and
Cam Pro Plus

If your cam isn't right, your engine won't be as efficient or perform as good as it should. Even the best cam companies can make mistakes.

Accelerated Motion will measure and computer analyze your cam with Cam Doctor equipment
and Cam Pro/Cam Pro Plus software to tell you the full specs and verify the accuracy.

            Analysis Accuracy and Limitations

Test bench measuring only:
      Maximum cam length 48 inches
      Maximum cam bearing diameter 2.5inches
      Maximum lobe radius (cam center to nose) 2 inches
Durations measured at over .020 are accurate +/- .1 degree.
Durations measured at under .020 are accurate +/- .2 degree.
OHC rocker arm cam installed durations will vary from test.
Lobe seperations are accurate +/- .1 degree.
Lobe lifts are accurate +/- .00008.
Lash figures are estimated HOT minimums and will vary.
Valve lifts will vary with lash and true rocker ratios.

            Racer Net Prices effective January 1, 2009

      Measure One Camshaft (Maximum 16 lobes)$ 40.00      
            Measure additional lobe pairs$  5.00      
            Print average specs with varianceIncluded      
            Check for base circle runoutIncluded      
            Cylinders with problems will be retestedIncluded      
            Print cylinder #1 specs at 15+ liftsIncluded      
            Print cylinders with problems (if any)Included      
      Measure One Cylinder Only$ 25.00      
            Measure additional cams, 1 cylinder each$ 20.00      
            Check for base circle runoutIncluded      
            Print cylinder specs at 15+ liftsIncluded      
      Additional Analysis Information 
            Print all cylinders by cylinder$  6.00      
            Print all cylinders by lift (w/variance)$  6.00      
            Print 720 degree specs for 1 cylinder$  6.00      
            Print 720 degree specs for all intakes$  6.00      
            Print 720 degree specs for all exhausts$  6.00      
            Print any graph$  6.00      
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