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Live Bands!
    The Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area has many great musicians, indie bands and cover bands that deserve a listen.
    This A to Z (without the The) list is by no means complete but a couple of hundred is a good start. I've included music for every age group: new bands to the old pros, classical to punk, blues to salsa, all mixed together! The information has been taken from band web pages and management web sites and includes the links to those sites.

    Doug Friesen


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A Fish Called Piranha A Fish Called Piranha
    Indie / Alternative / Lyrical / Rock
Vancouver-based A Fish Called Piranha began as a project to perform live in front of 200,000 people at a summer event in 2007. It then evolved into a martial arts modern rock opera concept designed by brainchild and Asian multi-talent, Kwong Kok Heung (U-Turn, A Forever Sunday), with Forrest Rosenthal, Emil Stefan, Shawn Brown and various friends joining to perform it live.

A Whole Lotta Led
    Led Zeppelin Tribute

Abba Again
    Abba Tribute

Abba Cadabra Abra Cadabra
    Abba Tribute
This high-energy and captivating stage show keeps the music of Abba alive in a fresh, classy and respectful way, with powerful vocals, dancers, costumes, and a spectacular Live Band! It's a fantastic show that you will not want to miss!

The Aftertaste
    Indie / Rock
With a perfect blend of savage guitars, infectious riffs, scathing lyrics and fantastic 3-minute pop arrangements, The Aftertaste are four Vancouver musicians looking to leave modern rock shirtless, penniless and begging for more by the side of the road. Acid-soaked blues and high octane power pop are put through the grinder and spat out as demented tales of substance abuse, sexual deviancy and love gone seriously wrong.

Ardent Tribe Ardent Tribe
    Soul / Motown / Rhythm and Blues
Nine piece band with four vocalists.


Arsen Shomakhov Arsen Shomakhov
    Blues Guitar

Atlantic Crossing Atlantic Crossing
    Beatles, Elton John and Rod Stewart Tributes


Banana Mama Silver Pants
    Indie/ Drunk Rock

The Beaten Path
    Rock / Country Rock

Behind Sapphire Behind Sapphire
    Indie / Experimental Pop

The Belle Game The Belle Game
    Indie / Folk / Pop

The Belushis The Belushis
    Indie / Punk / Crazy Rock
The Belushis are a boozed up rock band from Vancouver who've gone through a few different members and a metric tonne of beer. They broke up at Christmas 2007, un-brokeup for Halloween 2010, and continue to terrorize audiences and bar staff nationwide.

Best Revenge The Best Revenge
    Indie / Punk / Garage / Rock
They specialize in a certain brand of fist-pumping, floor-thumping, bone-bruising rock and roll that most people thought died out when the hipsters crashed the party.

Big City Soul logo Big City Soul
    Rhythm and Blues
Big City Soul was formed in January 2011. This fabulous group of nine was formed from various top Vancouver bands. There is a grooving rhythm section, dynamic Big City horns section, and two fabulous lead vocalists. The Big City energy and personality will leave you Sassified!

Big Easy Funk Ensemble Big Easy Funk Ensemble
    New Orleans Funk
The Big Easy Funk Ensemble celebrates the amazing variety of music that has grown out of New Orleans. With influences from 60s funk legends The Meters and Dr. John to current groups like Galactic and Trombone Shorty, BEFE (pronounced 'beefy') mixes many genres of funk, jazz, and boogaloo to form soulful grooves. With 9 members including a 3-piece horn section, their energetic live show delights audiences and fuels dance floors.

Big Joe Burke
    Indie / Alt-Country
Big Joe Burke and his band take a tour through country, blues, rock and rockabilly creating their own unique flavour of alt-country. Big Joe Burke has 2 CDs to his credit, 2007's Love or Money and from 2009 Quiver and has been playing in and around Vancouver and Western Canada for the past 5 years.

Big John Bates
    Indie / Americana-Noir / Rock
Vancouver's Big John Bates caught the attention of Quentin Tarantino and Jello Biafra by spinning dark cabaret, rustic blues and alternative country. With over 1000 live shows under his belt, John's gruff baritone and blues-driven hollow body guitar mixes with bandmate Brandy Bones unhinged soprano and spellbinding, gymnastic presence, their compelling stage chemistry and blinding intensity riveting audiences throughout North America and Europe.

Bill Henderson
    Guitarist for The Collectors, Chilliwack and UHF.

Billy Dixon's Soul Train Express Billy Dixon's Soul Train Express
    Motown Soul / Rock'n'Roll   -   Good dance band

Billy Butcher
    Indie / Rock
Billy Butcher is a tattooed, politically incorrect maniac with a loud axe, intent on representing everything that was cool in the good old days: big guitars, stomping bass and thunder on the drums. The music is raw, primeval and powerful - Butcher and his band can take you to hell and back within two-and-a-half minutes... and back to hell again!

Bitterly Divine Band Bitterly Divine
    Indie / Alternative / Blues / Rock
A thundering bass line and syncopated First Nations drumming define Bitterly Divine's sound. Hard driving with a swaggering sense of fun, their songs also have cross-over power: They sing about Aboriginal issues, yes, but, as confirmed by all the non-Aboriginal faces in the audiences, everyone relates to songs about troubled journeys, lost girls and the wicked glories of youthful sex.

Blackberry Wood Band Blackberry Wood
    Indie / Alternative / Country / Ska

Blake Havard
    Rock / Alternative / Country Rock

Blank Cinema Blank Cinema
    Indie / Electro / Post punk
Blank Cinema takes listeners on a journey they won't soon forget with exceptional songs that veer from uptempo and infectious to deeply dark and dramatic. Their music is loaded with cinematic details like eerie guitar lines, ominous film-noir bass and electro-pop rhapsody, conjuring up elements of Talking Heads with Eno-esque soundscapes.

Blue Voodoo

Blues Piggies Blues Piggies
    Blues / Funk / Rock

The BobCats Band The BobCats
    Classic Rock   -   Good dance band
From 50's era Rock 'N' Roll to 60's Pop Music gems and 70's Classic tunes and beyond, all of it sounds and feels so good you've just got to get up and dance!

Bone Daddies The Bone Daddies
    Indie / Rock / Ska / Rockabilly
The Bone Daddies have created a new sound that is familiar and yet distinctively unique, taking influences from a wide variety of musical genres including ska, reggae, swing, jazz, rockabilly and punk. Moving dance floors with their newly fused sound, they present a musical momentum that is hard not to get swept up in.

The Boogiemen
    Rhythm and Blues / Soul / Classic Rock

The Boom Booms The Boom Booms
    The Boom Booms are a six-piece Latin-soul-funk-rock-reggae band, forged from friendships born on the school yards, soccer fields, cafe patios and eventually bars of East Vancouver. They make music that makes people want to dance - or Get up and love somebody, as lead singer and guitarist Aaron Nazrul calls it. Whether breaking into song and dance on the streets of Paris, storming stages with Congolese musicians in Brussels, playing to thousands at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival or serenading abuelitas in South America, the charming sextet is able to reach across cultural barriers and connect with people of all stripes, on levels equally rhythmic and emotional.

Bradley McGillivray Blues Band Bradley McGillivray Blues Band
    Jazz Influenced Blues

Brass Action
High-energy horn-driven ska at its finest! This 5-piece band brings with it a wide variety of influences and styles to the stage.

Brickhouse Brickhouse
For over 12 years, fans have hummed, sung, and even lived the songs that bring them back, time and time again. Singer Rob Bracken invites you into the kitchen, where sights, smells, and sounds are tossed on a groove and served on a platter. The six-piece ensemble is well respected among musicians for making a difference where song is the focus, accompanied by individual inspiration. On any given night, old and new friends congregate onstage to take part in the classic Brickhouse experience. With a list of original material that rivals the number of keys on a full size piano, Brickhouse delivers a sound that is forever evolving and shaping into a new album.

The Bristol Scout
    Indie / Drum and Bass / Melodramatic Pop / Shoegaze
Born phoenix style out of the embers of The Luna Riot, The Bristol Scout refines, refreshes and rebirths like wind rushing past your ears as you race towards the earth in a full dive. With dancy beats, fuzzy bass, big spacy guitars and synthy bits carressing your ear, you are in heaven and you've been delivered by The Bristol Scout!

Brookswood Rock'n Blues Band
    Rock'n Blues

Bruce James Orchestra Bruce James Orchestra
    Big Band Swing

Burn Hollywood Burn
    Burn Hollywood Burn rose to the pinnacle of the local rock club scene with their debut EP Truckin'. With influences ranging from Foo Fighters and Motorhead to AC/DC and GNR, their music mixes blazing guitars and tight drumming to concoct an effort bursting at the seams with spine-tingling classics and ultra-catchy gems.


    Indie / Alternative / Pop / Rock
Cause4Drama has been bringing their electrifying, high energy shows to a growing number of fans. The chemistry between the band members is strikingly apparent the moment they hit the stage, immediately engaging their audience and leaving their mark on music fans in need of a fresh sound.

The Cavaleros
    Instrumental Rockabilly / Surf trio

Cease And Desist Cease And Desist
    Rock / Pop
Their song list covers a 50 year span of top music hits!

Cheek To Cheek
    Classic Rock / Dance / Pop
Doug and Gail enjoy performing as a duo in the pub and private club circuits of Metro Vancouver.

Chilliwack Band Chilliwack
    Classic Rock
Chilliwack is best remembered for their five biggest songs My Girl (Gone Gone Gone), I Believe, Whatcha Gonna Do, Fly At Night and (my favourite) Lonesome Mary. The band's lineup has changed numerous times though Bill Henderson has constantly remained a fixture.

Chimpanzebras Chimpanzebras
    Indie / Dutch Pop / Rock

China Syndrome
    Indie / Alternative / Powerpop / Rock
China Syndrome is a melodic power pop band that combines driving pop hooks with elements of garage rock and new wave. Their most recent release, Nothing's Not Worth Knowing examines the struggle to achieve a work-life balance, the agony of micromanagement, and our obsession with work and social media at the expense of real relationships. Despite the dark subject matter, the album is musically bright as the band shows off a variety of styles from 70s Stones to angular funk grooves to psychedelia, augmented by aural surprises including pump organ, claves, Jew's harp and 80s synths.

Christine Best Christine Best
    Gospel / Rhythm and Blues / Roots

Cinderpop Band Cinderpop
    Indie / Pop
Cinderpop moves from rhapsodic swirliness to pastoral and everything in between, with a euphoric, eclectic sound that combines free-floating vocals with dreamy melodies and pulsing guitars to great effect. Having performed with artists such as Sloan and Stereolab and featuring alumni of The Salteens, Moev and SK Robot, their inventive, guitar-driven, harmony-drenched songs range from orch-pop and space rock to bouncy Beatlesque power pop.

Cocaine Moustache
    Showcasing a wide mixture of styles, Cocaine Moustache sounds like the dysfunctional love child of Black Sabbath and The Allman Brothers with a little ZZ Top and James Brown mixed in for the hell of it. Formed in 2009, the band features members from many of Vancouver's top local metal/punk outfits including Zuckuss, Mecha Messiah, Tyrants Blood, Tendonitis and Mechanism.

    Indie / Rock / Shoegaze
Formed by three strung-out corporate dudes in suits who desperately needed an outlet, ColourSurround creates escapist music inspired by otherworldly bands such as Pink Floyd, Stone Roses, My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins, Dandy Warhols, Radiohead and Jeff Buckley.

Company B Jazz Band Company B
    Jazz / Swing   -   Good dance band
Company B Jazz Band, a 6-piece group in the style of the Andrews and Boswell Sisters, rouses crowds for dancing and smiles with their cheerful renditions of classic repertoire from the 1920s through 1940s (with a little bit of the '10s and a little bit of the '50s in there too!). Loaded with personality, the harmonies of the female vocal trio are well-complemented by top-notch instrumentalists. The band makes it their mission to capture the style and the spirit of the music of the first half of the 20th century, but there is also an undeniable youth and freshness to their sound and their stage presence.

 The Cooler Kings The Cooler Kings
    R'n'B / Funk / Blues / Rock

Copilots Band Copilots
    Indie / Pop / Rock

Cousin Harley Cousin Harley
    Hot-Rod Rockabilly / Country and Western Swing
This band has a hard-earned reputation for delivering everything from hot-rod rockabilly to foot stomping vintage country and western swing. Paul Pigat is joined by Keith Picot on upright bass and Jesse Cahill on drums to create an unstoppable rock 'n roll wrecking crew. From classic honky tonk and cow punk rippers, to a helping of western swing and classic jump blues, Cousin Harley plays in the old tradition - slugging it out hot and heavy in roadhouses across the land.

Crazy Diamonds Crazy Diamonds
    Pink Floyd Tribute
In the 2 years they've been together, Vancouver's one and only Pink Floyd tribute act has already built up a sizable following playing clubs like The Media Club, Railway Club and Backstage Lounge. These musicians are serious about honoring the music of Pink Floyd and delivering a powerful live show that presents the best of their mindblowing, psychedelic music.

The Creaking Planks logo The Creaking Planks
    Jug Band of the damned / Acoustic / Folk
Novelty music for the humiliated...
    Laughing gas for music geeks.

Criminal Caterpillar Criminal Caterpillar
    Indie / Progressive / Rock
Criminal Caterpillar is a talented artistic rock act. Inspired by the old (Yes, Genesis, King Crimson) and the new (The Mars Volta, The Dear Hunter, Incubus, Radiohead), they strive to make progressive music unbound by the standard rock conventions of today. Their lyric and tempo changes keep you occupied without losing the touches of prog that set them apart from boring old rock bands

The Current Swell Band The Current Swell


Dal Richards Dal Richards Orchestra
    Big Band / Swing
A Vancouver legend for more than seven decades, Dal continues to swing - leading his orchestra of talented musicians in a blend of unique sounds that capture the best of the big band era, along with jazz, rock and pop standards from the 1930s to today.

Dan Mangan Dan Mangan
    Indie / Folk-Rock

Danny Echo
    Indie / Alternative / Powerpop / Rock

Dalannah Gail Bowen Dalannah Gail Bowen

Dead Voices Band Dead Voices
Inspired by the magic and mess of rock and roll, Dead Voices is a swaggering and powerful band fresh from the crossroads. Previous months spent rebuilding and reconnecting after the dissolve of their former band Rio Bent has added fuel to their fire as they now play with the fever and fervor of the newly possessed and soulless.

Hot Club Of Mars Deanna Knight and Hot Club Of Mars
    Swingin' Gypsy Jazz
Vancouver's Hot Club of Mars has been swinging for a few spins around the sun - a dozen earth years or so - though things really started heating up when performance songwriter, Deanna 'D' Knight landed on the red planet in 2002. The lovely and talented chanteuse D adds a magic sparkle that really brings these wonderful old tunes to life with style, power and grace. And she writes her originals with as much depth and pizzazz as when she delivers them!

Desert Radio
    Indie / Americana / Rock / Southern Rock

Dr. Strangelove Band Dr. Strangelove
    Classic Pop   -   Good dance band

The Dreadnoughts
    Indie / Celt-Punk

The Dynamics Band The Dynamics
    Funk / Rhythm and Blues


Easy Money
    Classic Rock / Oldies / Country

The Elixxxirs
    Indie / Rockabilly / Punk / Ska
It is The Elixxxirs' sworn duty to get you moving faster than a prune juice smoothie. Since their start in 2005, the band has developed far beyond its original ska/reggae format, serving up an original and infectious mix of pop, rock, and punk.

Steve Elliott as Elvis Presley Elvis Elite
    Steve Elliott's Tributes to Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison

Elvis Gold Elvis Gold
    Wally Tiemer as Elvis Presley
International performer and award winner, Wally Tiemer as Elvis Gold has taken the country by storm with his tribute to the King. From the age of six, when he received his first guitar, Wally has studied and perfected his tribute to Elvis to be one of the most sought after top professional Elvis Tribute Artists. Wally is well known as a great entertainer and has a charm, charisma and natural rapport with the audience. His uncanny resemblance to Elvis with his powerful voice, looks, authentic costumes and dynamic personality leaves audiences with an unforgettable, undeniable feeling of experiencing the magic that was the King of Rock 'N' Roll.

The Enablers The Enablers
    Rock 'N' Roll / Rockabilly / Honky Tonk


Fab Fourever
    Beatles Tribute
With Vintage Beatle instruments and several full costume changes, the Fab Fourever have spared no detail with this production from when the Fab Four first invaded America right throught to Abbey Road and Let It Be.

Faith And Desire Faith And Desire
    Top 40 Dance   -   Good dance band

Famous Players
    Motown / 70s-80s Pop

Fanaticus Band Fanaticus
    Indie / Rock / Psychedelic
A psychedelic explosion of sound filled with harmonies, Fanaticus abducts captive audiences for a ride in their flying saucer of alien rock.

    ZZ Top Tribute


Gabriel Mark Hasselbach
    Smooth Jazz

Gary Comeau
    Cajun Roots and Blues

Generation Who
    The Who Tribute

Ghetto Blaster Ghetto Blaster
    Indie / Alternative / Powerpop

Giraffe Aftermath Giraffe Aftermath
    Indie / Hip Hop / Reggae / Surf

Good Grief!
    Good Grief! is a rock band that kicks your ass while satisfying your sweet tooth at the same time. Hailing from Vancouver, the band features insightful lyrics, addictive melodies, and a straightforward, edgy sound that invokes the best days of the '90s with a modern twist. The band is the musical vision of Conor Brandt (Flipswitch, On Holiday, Voices in the Attic) who, while contributing creatively to those projects, felt the need to put together a collection of songs he'd written on his own.

Groove 'N' Tonic Band Groove n Tonic
    Rhythm and Blues / Funk / Pop
Vancouver hipsters Groove n Tonic play a high energy blend of Rhythm and Blues/Funk/Pop with a repertoire both old school and contemporary. Always engaging, these musicians really love to sing and play, getting into the songs and reinventing themselves with their top notch musicality and infallible grooves.


Harma White
    Indie / Blues / Classic Rock / Visual
Harma White brings heavy doses of party rock, blues and soul along with a strong passion for getting crowds moving and rocking out. Reviving a long lost tradition of keeping sounds raw and real, they've won over concert goers and musicians alike.

The Harvest
    Indie / Alternative / New Wave / Pop
The Harvest mixes punk ethics, DIY personality and genuine passion for great music in a variety of styles from hard rock to blues and ska. Their influences are wide and varied from the Ramones and Sublime to No Doubt and Motley Crue, alternating elements of soul, rock, reggae, funk and percussive glam.

    Indie / Funk / Pop / Rock / Reggae
Hastings is an original five-piece Vancouver-based band specializing in a unique, danceable mix of classic funk, pop, rock and reggae styles. Looking forward while respecting the past, their tight, emotional and energetic live shows are an organic expression of the Lotus-land lifestyle we enjoy on the West Coast.

    Rock / Pop

Hey Stewey Band Hey Stewey
    Rock   -   Good dance band
Hailing from the Lower Mainland, Hey Stewey offers a unique and refreshing mix of Classic, Contemporary Rock, and Top 40 Dance Music. Hey Stewey`s roster is comprised of four solid musicians whose roots stem from across Canada. Their musical influences, as well as their work ethic, combine for a memorable impact. Hey Stewey strives to deliver quality, danceable music and entertainment to listeners, as well as employers. Due to this work ethic they are continually booked at some of the Lower Mainland's best live music venues.

Highway Star
    Deep Purple Tribute
The unique sound, energy and look of the legendary rock band Deep Purple comes to life when Highway Star takes the stage. With many years of experience, the members of Highway Star recreate the excitement and feel of Deep Purple's spectacular live performances right down to the authentic instruments and stage clothes. The glowing Hammond organ, the Fender Strats, the wall of Marshall stacks, the mirror balls and smoke machines all serve to bring to life raucous renditions of Purple classics such as Space Truckin, Woman from Tokyo, Fireball and of course the legendary Smoke on the Water.

Hilary Grist
    Indie / Alternative / Pop

The Hip Show The Hip Show
    Tragically Hip Tribute
The Hip Show has emerged on the Canadian tribute band scene paying homage to one of Canada's most beloved musical groups, The Tragically Hip. With a number of shows as both a support act and headliner in venues across BC, The Hip Show is fast becoming established as the most authentic looking, sounding, and entertaining Tragically Hip tribute band in Canada.

Hong Kong Cowboy - Steve Lau
Steve Lau was born in Hong Kong and moved to Vietnam at an early age, where his interest in country music began while listening to armed forces radio. Steve is an accomplished guitar player and singer who specializes in traditional country music as well as popular rock oldies from the 50s and 60s. He loves bringing memories to his audiences.

Hoppin' Mad Orchestra Hoppin' Mad Orchestra
    Acoustic / Folk / Jazz
The Hoppin' Mad Orchestra, or HMO for short, is a hot dance band made up of young musicians. The band has over 800 charts in the library, ranging from the late 1920's golden jazz era, through the swing era of the 1930's and right up to and including the 1940's music of Glenn Miller and Count Basie. The band is a 10 piece band; 2 trumpets, 1 trombone, 3 reeds, 4 rhythm. There are some stella vocalists in the band, including the incredible Male Vocal Trio!

    Ballroom Dance

Hot Club Of Mars Deanna Knight and Hot Club Of Mars
    Swingin' Gypsy Jazz
Vancouver's Hot Club of Mars has been swinging for a few spins around the sun - a dozen earth years or so - though things really started heating up when performance songwriter, Deanna 'D' Knight landed on the red planet in 2002. The lovely and talented chanteuse D adds a magic sparkle that really brings these wonderful old tunes to life with style, power and grace. And she writes her originals with as much depth and pizzazz as when she delivers them!


Incognito Band Incognito
    Blues / Soul / Funk
With over 30 years and five albums in the books, Incognito STILL serves up a dynamic stage show which has made them a favorite for festivals, special events and bars. This Band comes to play!


James Rogers James Rogers Blues Band

Jamie Croil Jamie Croil
    Jazz / Big Band Swing / Scat / Trumpet
Jamie Croil starting playing trumpet at age 11 and developed as a musician and performer largely through his lengthy association with the world famous Beefeater Junior Marching Band. By 19, he was playing professionally and through the years, has performed at many major venues, theatres and hotels in the Vancouver area with groups such as The Wildroot Orchestra (garnering Croil a Juno award nomination for brass player of the year). He performed in Hugh Fraser's first well-known big band the Vancouver Ensemble of Jazz Improvisation; The Toasters and The Butterhorns; The Night Train Revue; The Gary Guthman Orchestra; the Dave Robbins Orchestra and many others.
Aside from the many groups Croil has played with, his most notable contribution to the Canadian music scene has been his 35 year relationship with Dal Richards and the legendary Dal Richards Orchestra where his role has grown to include trumpet soloist, featured vocalist and lead arranger.

Jane Mortifee Jane Mortifee

Jasper Sloan Yip Jasper Sloan Yip
    Indie / Folk Rock / Melodramatic Pop

Jeff St. Germain Jeff St. Germain
    Country / Rock / Roots

Jeff Younger Jeff Younger
    Prone to rampantly tasty guitaristic diversity, deadly serious compositional tendencies, and lawless sprees of sonic expressionism, he's been called the mad scientist of the electric guitar and Vancouver's own Frank Zappa. A leading figure in Vancouver's creative music scene, renowned for a creative fearlessness and a highly developed personal voice, Younger is a prolific and award nominated bandleader, composer, instrumentalist and recording artist. His modern jazz monster The Unsupervised was nominated for the 2011 Montreal International Jazz Festival's Grand Prix du Jazz and Galaxie Award for Composition.

Jerry Doucette Jerry Doucette
    Classic Rock

Jesus Krysler Jesus Krysler
    Indie / Alternative / Progressive / Rock
Jesus Krysler is an energetic and soulful rock power-trio who has been steadily climbing into the indie music spotlight in Canada. Start the party and rock out as Jesus Krysler provides for an entertaining and engaging live show.

Jim Byrnes

Jim Foster
    Adult Contemporary / Country / Rock
Jim Foster's career has spanned four decades with hit singles sprinkled throughout many of those years. He's played in bands, toured solo, blown headliners off the stage as an opening act and collaborated with some of Canada's greatest songwriters.

Jimmy Zee Jimmy Zee
    Indie / Funk / Blues

Joani Bye Joani Bye
    Rhythm and Blues
The Joani Bye Band is a high-powered rhythm and blues band with emphasis on the rhythm. The band cooks with a mixture of powerful playing and strong four-part vocals.

Joe Fernandes The Joe Fernandes Band
    Country / Rock   -   Good dance band

Johnny Ferreira Johnny Ferreira and The Swing Machine
    Jazz / Swing   -   Good dance band

Jordan Carrier and The Soviets
    With infectious melodies, powerful rock songs performed by a killer band, and a singer whose intensity is almost scary, Jordan Carrier and the Soviets have won critical acclaim all over the province and opening spots for bands like Loverboy, The Odds, Marcy Playground and Wide Mouth Mason.


Kelly Brock Kelly Brock
    Country / Folk Rock / Rock

Kenny Blues Boss Wayne
    Blues Piano

    Indie / Progressive Rock
With influences that include Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Stone Temple Pilots, Kush's sound is best described as rock with a metal edge and a touch of old school punk.



The Led Zeppelin Show The Led Zeppelin Show
    Led Zeppelin Tribute
From the dynamic onstage presence to the detail of the instrumentation and wardrobe, The Led Zeppelin Show pays sincere homage to Zeppelin's powerful, unmistakable sound. Composed of dedicated Led Zeppelin acolytes, all the members of The Led Zeppelin Show are very close to the actual ages of the real members when they formed the band in 1968 and as a result, they not only have the look and sound but also all the energy, power and testosterone to recreate the mind-blowing experience of an actual live Led Zeppelin concert. Prepare to be transported back in time to when the ultimate band of hard rock was tearing up the world and making history.

Legal Limit
    Classic Rock

Leonard And The Lab Rats Leonard and The Lab Rats
    Blues / Experimental / Rhythm and Blues
The Lab Rats are a blues quartet that varies from electric to acoustic.

Leora Cashe Leora Cashe
    Gospel / Jazz Vocals

    Blues / Jazz / Rhythm and Blues
Lesismore is a highly polished act with excellent musicianship and dedicated professionalism. Throughout their ten plus years of successful entertaining, their unique sound - a smorgasbord of tasty jazz, Rhythm and Blues, vintage blues and pop - has earned them a large and loyal following that continues to grow with each performance.

Live Rust
    Neil Young Tribute

Long Run
    Classic Rock / Oldies

Los Furios
    Indie / Punk / Reggae / Ska
Los Furios is a 6 piece band which has performed across Western Canada since 2000. Los Furios began adding horns to the line-up in 2001 and have been evolving their blend of punk, ska, and reggae ever since.

Lou Marocco Lou Marocco

Louise and Greg Weir Louise and Greg Weir
    Show Tunes

Louisa Marshal as Tina Turner Luisa Marshall with The Hotlegz Dancers
    Tina Turner Tribute
Internationally acclaimed Tina Turner tribute artist Luisa Marshall is the World Rock and Roll Tribute Artist Champion. Her uncanny resemblance to the legendary Queen of Rock and Roll made her the best Tina Turner tribute artist in the whole world in her spectacular show TINA a Rock 'N' Roll Journey. The voice, the legs, the hair, and the Rock 'N' Roll attitude are the main ingredients of her powerhouse tribute. Luisa as Tina Turner will entertain all Tina fans from all walks of life in her high energy stage show with her awesome Big Night Band and her gorgeous Hotleggz Dancers.


Mad Shadow
    Indie / Rock / Classic / Alternative

Maffie and Crew

March Hare Band March Hare
    Pop / Country / Rock   -   Great dance band
From Grease to ZZ Top it's like all your favorite bands in one... This talented, award winning group puts on a great show complete with tribute costumes!

Marching Mind Marching Mind
    Indie / Grunge / Progressive / Rock
With a sound that ranges from progressive to hard rock to grunge and at times ventures towards metallic, Marching Mind's enigmatic music is by turns dark, uplifting, heavy, introspective, driving and moody. Their unconventional songwriting is both catchy and complex, so prepare to embark on a journey through the minds of robots, mad scientists, gods, devils, warriors and outcasts.

The Matinee The Matinee
    Indie / Roots Rock
Music to drink to. Music to dance to. Music to sit on the porch and ponder. The roots-rock sounds of The Matinee evoke memories of family camping trips, men with guitars around the campfire belting out tunes of broken things and the open road... rising tempos bring the faithful to their feet, clapping and dancing until someone throws an aerosol can on the fire and everything explodes. If you like Kings of Leon, The Black Crowes, and old Bruce Springsteen, you'll love these six handsome lads from blue-collar British Columbia.

Matthew Mei
    Drawing from childhood exposure to folk, gospel and church music along with later preferences for blues, alternative and jazz, Matthew Mei brandishes a charismatic blend of blues, rock, folk and hip hop. Having traveled the world as the son of a preacher man, his initial introduction to the world of music was his dad's old records, but it was his struggles in life and soulful growth that fueled his desire to write emotional and heartfelt songs that channel the highs and lows of human experience.

Miami Device
    Afrobeat / Funk

Michael Vincent Michael Vincent
    Rhythm and Blues / Jazz / Blues / Folk / Country

Mick Dalla-Vee
    Classic Rock

Midnite Eagles
    Classic Rock / Oldies

Mike Henry
    Ray Charles and James Brown Tributes

Mike Weterings Mike Weterings
    Indie / Acoustic / Afro-beat / Pop

Mink Valley
    Indie / Garage Rock
Hyperactive, loud, and infectious, Mink Valley is a three-headed monster with tongue planted in cheek and both feet planted firmly on distortion pedals. Full of catchy surf rock riffs, 90s indie rock nostalgia and hipster poetics, they play no frills garage rock with a timeless yet classic edge.

    Funk / Rock / Raggae

The Modelos Band The Modelos
    Surf / Rockabilly / Country
The Modelos are Vancouvers Rock 'N' Roll Cowboy Surfers! The group was formed in 2004 when Joe Rotundo and Mike Kenney collaborated in a songwriting adventure that would produce songs like, Somewhere West and Down the Dusty Trail. Brad Ferguson and Geoff Hicks were the natural selection as the rhythm section and thus born was The Modelos!

Moonshine Express
    Funk / Hip Hop / Reggae
These funky rum runners are a five piece band that'll blow your horn. Moonshine Express takes you on a ride you won't want to end, to funky town and beyond with an energetic musical engine cranking out funk, hip hop, jazz, soul and reggae grooves. Ain't no party like a Moonshine party!

Mr M and the All Nighters Mr M and the All Nighters
    Old-Time Rock 'N' Roll
Mr M and the All Nighters play a combination of classic and rare tunes from the 60's onwards. You'll hear classics such as Tainted Love and Jackie Wilson's Higher and Higher as well as rarities such as Landslide and the Northern Soul stomper Frank Wilson's Do I Love You?

Mud Dog Mud Dog
    Rockin' Delta Blues
Steve Mud Dog Sainas has been a guitarist/singer/songwriter in Vancouver's cabarets and pubs for the past twenty years. During this time, he has developed a powerful blues guitar and singing style that is instantly recognized by his steadily growing audience.

Murray Porter Band
    Blues / Roots / Soul

My Dearest Friends
    Indie / Ambient / Folk Rock
The stirring sounds of My Dearest Friends fall somewhere between The Beach Boys and Portishead, a 1950s burger joint with rollerskates and Radiohead b-sides blaring out under the covered parking lot. Like all great art, it's indescribably focused, beautiful and irreverent, music that undeniably needs to be heard.


Nathen Aswell
    Conscious Pop

Nearly Neil Nearly Neil
    Bobby Bruce as Neil Diamond
A legend was born when Bobby Bruce's incomparable talent for impersonating Neil Diamond was realized in Toronto. His incredible showmanship has rocked crazed crowds around the globe and he has performed in Legends in Concert at Las Vegas and is a huge success in Australia, South East Asia and the U.S. An Australian journalist said Neil Diamond better be wary if he ever comes to town. Bobby Bruce is a hard act to follow! In 2005, Bobby returned to his musical theatre roots with a starring role in Cabaret. For which he earned an Ovation nomination and garnered overwhelming critical acclaim.

New Orleans Ale Stars
    Traditional Hot Jazz   -   Good dance band

Nickleback Nickleback
    Pop / Rock

Nukem Nice
    Indie / Blues / Ska
With a style of their own and a raw and exciting energy, Nukem Nice is one of the most explosive new live bands to hit the Vancouver scene. Featuring electrifying guitar and a kinetic frontman, this foursome is a force to be reckoned with, turning first time listeners into fans at every show they play.


O'Hara Lane
    Rock / Pop
With big vocals and a screaming band they leave it all on the stage. Playing everything from AC/DC, Heart, Pink and Kelly Clarkson to ZZ Top, Carrie Underwood and everything else in between.

Oh Village Oh Village
    Indie / Folk / Rock / Alternative
Oh Village mixes piano, drums, bass, guitar and vocal harmonies with non-conventional instruments such as the cello and trumpet, and has been lauded as having a unique sound, a blend of folk, rock, [and] alternative. The four friends have brought together their love for writing original music and their individual musical influences to create a down-to-earth sound that is both uniquely honest and completely inspired.

The Oh Wells The Oh Wells
    Indie / Folk / Pop

One Bad Son
    One Bad Son is a world class rock outfit with a writing style in the vein of Soundgarden and Thin Lizzy and an over the top live show that draws comparisons to bands like The Who, Led Zeppelin and GnR. The band moved to Vancouver after 5 years of making waves in their hometown of Saskatoon with opening spots for Godsmack, Default and Buckcherry.

Orchid Highway Orchid Highway
    Indie / Brit-Pop / Psychedelia
Orchid Highway is one of Vancouver's longest-running bands. Trousers-deep in a rapturously ongoing obsession with mid-60s Britpop and psychedelia, their music contains imaginatively melodic arrangements that would knock Brian Wilson out of his housecoat and on his fat ass in his piano-equipped sandbox and ressurect poor old Syd Barrett from the acid-casualty dead while they were at it.


Paul Pigat Paul Pigat
    Hot-Rod Rockabilly / Country Blues / Bebop Jazz
Paul's playing is influenced by such a diverse range of music he often creates side-projects to immerse himself in a particular style.
Cousin Harley is the rocking hillbilly persona of Paul Pigat. This band has a hard-earned reputation for delivering everything from hot-rod rockabilly to foot stomping vintage country and western swing. Paul is joined by Keith Picot on upright bass and Jesse Cahill on drums to create an unstoppable rock 'n roll wrecking crew. From classic honky tonk and cow punk rippers, to a helping of western swing and classic jump blues, Cousin Harley plays in the old tradition - slugging it out hot and heavy in roadhouses across the land.
Boxcar Campfire is a mostly acoustic project, allowing Paul to explore traditional country blues, 'High Lonesome' western music and other roots genres.
The Paul Pigat Trio features a rotating cast of some of the best jazz players on the West Coast. The Trio swings through vintage bebop and jazz standards in the style of Charlie Christian, Les Paul and Tal Farlow.

The Pepper Sands The Pepper Sands
    Indie / Pop / Rock
The Pepper Sands are easily one of the more respectable modern power-pop songwriting forces Vancouver has to offer, although it would seem that they're still a hair's breadth away from the national love they truly deserve. They've toured nationally, released two full length albums and had videos in regular rotation on Much Music.

The Phonix
    Indie / Funk / Soul / Rhythm and Blues
This talented soulful, funk, Rhythm and Blues group, tantalize their audiences with the most fun experience to be had with eight musicians. An irresistible dance party unfolds every time The Phonix hits the stage with their Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Funk, Pop and Motown classics.

Plastic Acid Instruments Plastic Acid Members The Plastic Acid Project
    Experimental Fusion Rock

Playlist Playlist
    Current Hits / 80s / 70s / Disco / Funk / Country
Playlist uses 100% electronic instruments, electronic drums and electronic amp simulation. Playlist is also one of the only Vancouver bands that incorporates a vocoder (robot voice) into their performances.

Pop Junkies
    Classic Rock / Country

The Post War
    Indie / Alt Rock
The Post War is an alt rock quartet that manages to combine the vocal tone of Big Wreck with the saturation of A Perfect Circle while maintaining a truly unique sound and dynamic range all of their own. Working with producer Jeff Dawson (Daniel Powter) and mixer Mike Fraser (AC/DC), their debut video Piece By Piece received rotation on MuchMusic and was recently licensed to CBS's Mad Love.

Powder Blues
Powder Blues
    Blues / Pop / Jazz   -   Good dance band
Powder Blues' first album Uncut went double platinum in Canada. The second album Thirsty Ears was similarly popular. Their best known songs include: Boppin' with the Blues, Doin' It Right, Thirsty Ears, Hear That Guitar Ring and What've I Been Drinkin.


    With a love of punk rock, hip hop, reggae, and dub, Quickness delivers radio rock in all its post-hardcore glory. Their distinctive sound is rounded out by soaring melodies, vigorous riffage and a funk-fueled rhythm section.


Rachael Chatoor Rachael Chatoor

Radically Hip
    5 piece Tragically Hip Tribute

Rain Shadow
    Classic Rock / Folk

Ranj Singh and The Discriminators Band Ranj Singh and The Discriminators

Ray Myers Band Ray Myers Band
    Rhythm and Blues / Rockin' Soul   -   Good dance band
When Ray Myers isn't playing sax lines, he wows the audience with his impressive 4-octave vocal range. With a repetoire that includes songs from many genres of music, including rhythm and blues, jazz, soul, pop, blues, and latin, there is something for everyone. Young or old, everyone enjoys this band and people can't help but be drawn toward the dance floor!

Ray O'Toole Band
    Rock / Pop / Folk   -   Good dance band
Ray O'Toole (Lead Guitar, Vocals) wrote Blue Northern's hits Can't Make No Sense, Too Late To Turn Back, You're Not The Same Girl and 100%.

Revolver Revolver
    Beatles Tribute
Revolver recaptures the euphoric energy of the Beatles' music as well as the charm of the Beatles' personalities. Come experience live performances of almost 50 of the Beatles' greatest hits, unforgettable melodies of the most popular songs ever written by the most important band in Rock and Roll.

Rhythm Street Rhythm Street
    Classic Rock

Riley and the Ryze Band
    Rhythm and Blues / Motown   -   Good dance band

Rumba Calzada
    Afro/Cuban Jazz


Sally and The Melo Hearts Sally and The Melo Hearts
    Rock / Pop / Rhythm and Blues
A power trio and signature voice are what Sally and the Melo Hearts bring to the stage, attracting fans from many genres of music. Their energy on stage and sweet sounding harmonies took shape and a mutually well-respected cover band was born in 2008. The group's stylish three-part harmonies and lead vocal capabilities are just some of the band's unique qualities - bringing a sound unlike anything else - guaranteed to bring the house down!

Sandy Bone Sandy Bone
    Blues / Roots

Shari Ulrich

The ShinDiggers
    Top40 / Classic Rock
The ShinDiggers are blending classics with an injection of current dance tunes to freshen up your entertainment roster, keep business rockin' and the scene alive. The band is also currently featuring a couple of rock tunes with real Bagpipes...
Yeah, you read right.

Sibel Thrasher

Sing City Show Choir Sing City Show Choir
    Pop / Rock / Blues / Motown
A Choir You Can Dance To!

S.K.Robot S.K. Robot
    Indie / Alternative / Rock
S.K. Robot creates harmonic, hook-laden infectious pop-rock that sounds at once both fresh and familiar.

So Tight Band So Tight Band
    Rhythm and Blues   -   Good dance band

Sol 3
    Indie / Rock
These former heavyweights of Edmonton's indie music scene have relocated to Vancouver with their brand of well-crafted, hook-driven melodic guitar rock. Influenced by the great bands from every era in rock history including the Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who and The Pixies, Sol 3 have evolved to create their own distinct and unique approach with a fresh and relevant sound for the modern age.

Some X 6 The Some X 6 Band
    Indie / Blues / Rock

Sonic Outcast
    Indie / Rock / Grunge / Alternative Rock
Sonic Outcast is a hard rock band known for their high energy shows, powerful riffs and unique sound.

Spirit Of The West Spirit of The West
    Barnstorming High Energy Heavy Folk

Steel Wheels
    Rolling Stones Tribute

Steve Kozak Steve Kozak
    Blues / Roots
For over two decades, Kozak has been performing his up-tempo brand of working man's blues to enthusiastic audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest. The Vancouver based guitarist, singer and songwriter is ready to keep things rolling with his jumpin' west coast blues classics and rockin roots tunes.

Steve Lau - The Hong Kong Cowboy
Steve Lau was born in Hong Kong and moved to Vietnam at an early age, where his interest in country music began while listening to armed forces radio. Steve is an accomplished guitar player and singer who specializes in traditional country music as well as popular rock oldies from the 50s and 60s. He loves bringing memories to his audiences.

The Still Fits
    Influenced by artists as diverse as The Kinks, CAN, Devo and Television, this local trio serves up spirited experimental indie rock and roll that lapses into pop and psychedelia.

Strange Brew
    Cream Tribute

Sunny Pompeii Band Sunny Pompeii
    Indie / Psychedelic
Sunny Pompeii is a band of second generation psychedelic warriors. Their music is like a pool party with The Flaming Lips, Paul Simon, and Pavement all getting wasted at the swim up bar and playing water polo while Kurt Vonnegut yells at them from his reclining chair.

Sweet Pea Swing Band

Sybaritic String Band
    Contra / Folk   -   Good dance band


Tea Tea
    Indie / Rhythm and Blues / Soul / Pop
Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Tea is a Vancouver based singer/pianist/songwriter who fuses elements of Rhythm and Blues, Soul, and Pop music into her own brand of City Soul. Drawing inspiration from diverse artists like Sade, Amy Winehouse, and Remy Shand, Tea has crafted an unmistakable sound that continues to win audiences over.

The Ted McDonald Band
    Blues / Rock

Top City
    Rhythm and Blues

The Top Drawers The Top Drawers
    Indie / Brit-Rock
Richly steeped in 1960s Brit-rock flavour, The Top Drawers are intent on reviving the joy, the energy, and the fun of rock 'n' roll. It hasn't taken them long to collect the adoration of music-scenesters and would-be-sockhoppers everywhere they've played. The band's live shows have become exuberant events characterized by call-and-answer choruses, handclaps, and barrages of lead guitar. It is unapologetically rock 'n' roll in its truest form.

Toy Zebra
    Indie and Rock / Pop Covers
Toy Zebra has been influenced by such groups as Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Muse, The Beatles and The Killers. The band has 3 lead vocalists and tends to do many tunes with 3 part harmony. Despite the youth of the band Toy Zebra constantly dazzles their audiences, always pushing forward testing their limits and abilities. Having begun as primarily heavy metal, their sound has evolved over the past few years to embrace a wider range of songs. Raw, innovative sound with lots of harmony is their passion.

Truly Tina
    Tina Turner Tribute
Samira's torrid vocals and full-on energy and sweat will have you dancing. This is young Tina Turner with the big hair, with all the energy of the '70s and '80s... With all the wild and provocative costumes and of course Tina Turner's hit songs.

Twice Shy
    Classic Rock / Oldies
Join Gail and Colleen as they step into the characters of Donna and Peggy Sue. They will dance and sing their way into your hearts, entertain you with funny 50's slang, and lots of unforgettable songs from days gone by.

    Jump Blues

Tyme Machine
    Classic Rock


        Shari Ulrich
        Bill Henderson
        Roy Forbes

Ultimate Elvis
    Brian Simpson as Elvis Presley

Under Fire
    Classic Rock / New Rock

The Unknown Soldiers
    Doors Tribute
The Unknown Soldiers come amazingly close to replicating the music of The Doors note for note while capturing their raw energy through each band member's interpretation, combining to deliver a groovy reproduction of a live Doors show that keeps audiences in a head-bobbing, toe-tapping trance. Their singer's Morrison-esque look, vibe and baritone voice combine with swirling organs and deft musicianship to captivate and transcend time and place, allowing audiences to be transported back in time to experience a taste of live shows that are now a part of rock mythology.

The Unsupervised
    Indie / Jazz


Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
    Classical / Pops


War Of The Minds
    Indie / Rock / Alternative / Psychedelic

We Hunt Buffalo Band We Hunt Buffalo
    Indie / Garage / Grime / Grunge

Welkin Band Welkin
    Indie / Psychedelic Art Rock
Magical, bleak and beautiful, the music of Welkin is fearless, feral, ethereal and epic in proportion. Their songs unwind slowly, melding down-in-the-canyon country-rock with ethereal space-prog in a way that brings to mind Neil Young fronting Pink Floyd.

Wendy Biscuit
    Swing / Jazz

West Coast Symphony Orchestra

The Wheat In The Barley

Whitey Whitey
    Indie / Funk / Latin / Pop
With songs that incorporate everything from funk to Latin to blues, Whitey offers something for everyone with an extremely energetic live show and countless successful tours spanning both coasts. Their performances are an intense celebration of dance, music, art and life as the band explores freedom of expression through song and the unifying principles of music.

Wonderful Diving Horses Wonderful Diving Horses
    Indie / Powerpop / Rock / Roots / Alt Country
With a shared love of rockabilly and alternative country, Wonderful Diving Horses are a roots/alt country band that combines those elements with the type of melodic pop/rock 'n' roll that's often referred to as power pop.

Woody James Band
    High Energy Rock 'N' Roll




Zeppelina Logo Zeppelina
    All-Girl Led Zeppelin Tribute
This stiletto-stomping all-girl Led Zeppelin tribute showcases an energetic stage show that's faithful to the masters from start to finish, right down to the high energy volume, intensity and musicianship. The chromosomes may be altered, but the song still remains the same!

The Zimmermen Band The Zimmermen
    The band that plays Bob Dylan songs.
The Zimmermen is a celebration of Bob Dylan's music broadly manifest, in the spirit of Bob's own ever-changing, chameleon-like approach to songwriting and performance. Group founder Dr. Lindsay Mitchell (Seeds of Time, PRiSM) has convened a superhuman crew of musician/singers: Jim Foster (Fosterchild), Willie MacCalder (Powder Blues), Pete Sweetzir (Fosterchild, Long John Baldry), Leroy Stephens (Cement City Cowboys, Blue Northern), and Leonard Saidman (Sons of Adam).

The Zolas The Zolas
    Indie / Progressive Rock


Second Guess Band Second Guess
    Indie / Acoustic / Rock
Second Guess has their roots dug deep in indie Canadian music with an upbeat pop/rock edge and listener-friendly songs that are catchy, confident and memorable. From full-bodied modern anthems reminiscent of Sam Roberts and the Tragically Hip to stripped down nostalgia a la Grapes Of Wrath, Second Guess will charm and captivate you.

Five Alarm Funk Five Alarm Funk
    Indie / Party Funk
Five Alarm Funk is a horn powered, percussion fuelled sonic and visual assault. For more than six years the band has brought their relentless and unforgettable live show to clubs and major festivals across Canada and the United States. The band on stage is an unstoppable orgy of energy. Ten musicians perform intricate and airtight arrangements with delirious dance moves and full on headbanging. Choreographed arm movements coincide with melodic climaxes while the four percussionists create a true spectacle.

Six Gun Romeo Band Six Gun Romeo
    Indie / Blues / Rock / Rockabilly
Six Gun Romeo is a melting pot of riffs, beats, runs and melodies taking many different styles of music as their influences. From the legend of Johnny Cash to the totally hot sensation of Imelda May, the band's sole aim is to get you off your butt and to throw some incredible shapes on the dance floor.

Ten Souljers Band Ten Souljers

22nd Century Band 22nd Century
    Indie / Grunge / Post punk / Rock

54-40 54-40
Celebrating their thirty-year anniversary the band has an unbelievable catalogue of hit songs, including Baby Ran, I Go Blind and Ocean Pearl. Lead by chief songwriter Neil Osborne, 54-40 have carved out a legacy of gold and platinum albums and a outstanding reputation for their live performances that carries through to this day. The secret to their longevity is their ability to redefine and reinvent themselves, taking longtime fans on a ride that is bound to pick up new young fans on the way.

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